This module manages old and valuable books. It is intended for both private bibliophiles and institutions (libraries, museums, etc.).

Antiquarian books


Entry controls​


Log file of title use

When cataloguing the old book, describe its specificities: publisher, printer, bookbinder, history of previous owners, possibly list of donors having contributed to its purchase, link with other documents describing this book...

Most of this information is stored in an automatically controlled index to ensure data consistency.

Easily find your old books by different criteria (e. g. all the books published by a particular publisher, all the parchments, those with a 16th century binding, those printed in a particular locality...).

If you have the loan management module, get a log of the researchers who have consulted the document or the institutions that exposed it.

The antiquarian books module has been developed in collaboration with the Bodmer Foundation in Geneva, an international reference in the field whose library collects several thousands of ancient books, incunabula, manuscripts, papyrus, cuneiform tablets...