For libraries with extensive requirements, e. g. in terms of serials management.



Titles export


Download of records from the web

Public Search (OPAC)

The PRO version offers the most possibilities. It includes all functions of the Standard version and adds the following functions :

  • More complete cataloguing grid in order to describe titles in more detail

  • Taking inventory using a barcode scanner rather than simply by visual comparison on the basis of a list. The software compares the scanned copies on the shelf with the theoretical stock situation and reports missing copies.

  • Easier export of title records by simply copying and pasting rather than creating an export file.

  • Recording titles of periodicals to which the library subscribes

  • Entering a numbering formula allowing the software to ensure the arrival of the issues.

  • Recording of the arrival of issues during which the software makes a proposal for the issue number of the received issue, which makes it possible to make sure at a glance that the last issues have been received.

  • Various printed lists indicate periodicals for which no issue has been received or for which issues are missing.

  • A printed list indicates the expiry date of periodical subscriptions.

  • Possibility to create a circulation list for each periodical, list to be printed and stapled to the received issues.

  • Help when cataloguing an article in order to indicate its source.

  • The catalogue is published online for readers in a simplified form. Intended for libraries wishing to offer consultation posts in the library's premises while preventing abuse with unwanted surfing on the web.

  • This function can be complementary to public web search (WebOPAC).