Download of records from the web

Accelerate the cataloguing of your titles. Instead of entering all the information yourself, search the existing title record notice on the web using the book's ISBN and import the data with a mouse click. And get the cover page and a summary with another click.


Get the record



  1. Enter the book's ISBN with your barcode scanner or keyboard

  2. The program queries about twenty catalogues of online libraries and bookstores to choose from

  3. The found records are displayed on the screen. Compare them to identify the most relevant record

  • Select the most relevant record and get it with a mouse click

  • The software checks that the downloaded values are consistent with local authority files

  • Downloaded data can be modified and supplemented at will

  • Downloading is not limited to bibliographic data: download the cover image and summary with the same ease.


  • An appreciable time saving

  • High quality cataloguing, as downloaded records are delivered by big libraries