Micro Consulting

Thirty years of passion, developers of the first hour always so young and "new kids" who have their eyes and hearts set on tomorrow.

Micro Consulting is always in constant effervescence, with ideas to resell and an unfailing motivation.  

The company

Founded in 1987, Micro Consulting Inc. is at the origin of the Office Maker and BiblioMaker management software for companies and libraries.

The team is made up of 14 employees, including seven people in development and four in support.

Office Maker is the first range of cross-platform software in Switzerland. BiblioMaker is the Swiss leader in library management software.


Micro Consulting, the first Swiss company to offer graphical user interface management software, still pursues the same objective: to offer elegant, simple and efficient software.

Always at the cutting edge of technology and attentive to its customers, Micro Consulting offers solutions that have been constantly evolving over the last three decades.