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BiblioMaker 7 is a deeply overhauled version of our application. After more than 30 years of continuous evolution, the program needed a complete change of the internal engine in order to rely on the most modern technologies and guarantee their durability, as well as optimal performance.

Our team of programmers undertook this redesign two years ago and that's how we will directly jump 3 generations of the internal 4D database from v15 to v18. This provides 100% 64-bit execution, essential for compatibility with the latest macOS version Catalina, and the ability to manage very efficiently an almo...


Due to the release in October of the new macOS 10.15 Catalina, we remind you that BiblioMaker 6.2 is not compatible with this operating system and will stop working if you install it. Only BiblioMaker 7, soon available in beta version, will be compatible.

There is no need to install Catalina in a professional environment. This version focuses mainly on entertainment improvements for the general public (music, TV, Podcasts, Apple Arcade etc.). Catalina also loses compatibility with a range of technologies, including 32-bit applications, which could cause problems with other software or if you us...


Your computer system is at the mercy of various risks, including the loss of data due to hardware failure or the introduction of a virus or other malicious program.

Regular data backup is a basic measure to prevent this catastrophic scenario. But in some cases, it may not be enough.

In recent years, a new variety of malicious software has emerged: ransomware. They usually enter your computer system via an e-mail with a suspicious attachment accidentally opened or via an uncontrolled USB key.

Once the ransomware is installed on your computer, it will discreetly encrypt some or all of the disk, the...


During the end-of-year holidays, Micro Consulting offices will normally be open except on the following days:

  • Monday, December 24th

  • Tuesday, December 25th

  • Tuesday, January 1st

  • Wednesday, January 2nd

We wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful 2019 !


Apple renewed its Mac mini model at the end of October 2018. Thanks to its updated components, the Mac mini has once again become a computer that we can recommend for BiblioMaker, either as a server or as a workstation.

This model can be configured with different processors as well as with different amounts of RAM and disk sizes:

Preferably choose an Intel Core i5, possibly i7 processor. 8 GB of RAM will be sufficient if only 1 server application is running on the machine with a data file not exceeding 2 GB, otherwise choose 16 GB. A 128 GB SSD disk should be sufficient in most cases, as well as...


Do you want to access the BiblioMaker database from anywhere ?

Do you wish to delegate the administration of a server and all its constraints, such as operating system and BiblioMaker updates, backups and problem solving ?

Does the initial investment to purchase a software license exceed your budget ?

Would you like to publish your catalogue on the web without endangering the security of your computer network ?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, our new Cloud BiblioMaker service will interest you!

Its principle is simple: the BiblioMaker data file is stored on a server located in a...


BiblioMaker 6.2 is now available. This update brings the following new features :

Optimization for the Cloud

Our software has been optimized for our new offer called "BiblioMaker in the Cloud".

MARC Import

Until now, BiblioMaker could import MARC files with the ISO 2709 structure. From now on, MARCXML files can also be imported.

Importing data from the SBD.bibliotheksservice ag

The Schweizer Bibliotheksdienst sells titles and delivers the corresponding title records in digital form. From the 1st, September 2018, records files will have a new structure. BiblioMaker 6.2 has been customized in order to...


BiblioMaker has a function for warning your readers by e-mail some days before their loans become overdue.

Often, your readers don't have in mind the exact day of return for their loans. BiblioMaker can remind them this date par e-mail some days before their loan become overdue.

BiblioMaker can be set up as follows in order to send reminders by e-mail :

  • The software must be set up in order to be able to send e-mails. If you already send reminders to readers or orders to suppliers by e-mail, this first condition is already met. Otherwise, configue the system in the Maintenance (File>Maintena...

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