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The showcase is an important tool for animating your online catalogue. It is displayed on the home page and invites library users to explore your catalogue and it lets them discover titles they had no idea of.

The showcase contents can be updated automatically and/or manually. We encourage you to regularly check this contents and if necessary to change it in order to keep it attractive.


You display the showcase from the settings of the WebOPAC server (you access these settings with the File>Maintenance, then Other>Configure web public search commands). On the "General" page, tick the "Di...


BiblioMaker 6 contains a "Favorites bar" that lets you access the most used elements with a single click. Discover how to customise this bar.

The favorites bar is displayed on the left hand side of the main window. This bar gives a quick access to the often used elements : files, print, export and import templates and saved search criteria.

After BiblioMaker 6 has been installed, the favorites bar automatically contains some elements. But you can customise the bar as follows :

Adding a favorite

If you want to add a file, display the file with the Data menu. The file name appears in the favorit...

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