Use this module to manage a hierarchical directory of subject headings.

Thesaurus management


Browsing the thesaurus

In a thesaurus, the subject headings are linked together by different types of cross-references:

  • Broader Term (=parent)

  • Narrower term (=child)

  • Associated term (= brother)

  • Use

  • Used for

When entering subject headings and cross-references, BiblioMaker checks the consistency of cross-references and automatically creates reverse referrals.

The software also supports a multilingual thesaurus, with each user using the subject headings in his or her preferred language.

Each subject can be categorized to manage the thesaurus by major domains.

When cataloguing and searching titles, a dialog helps you browse the online thesaurus, exploiting cross-references between subjects headings.

Referrals between subject headings